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Sep 2019
My perception of reality is unclean
Stuck somewhere in between
I hear what you are saying
But you voice within me is not me

I have developed trust issues
Which is huge
I used to hand out trust
Like I had nothing to lose
Until I lost it all
I don’t blame just you
I am largely at fault
I know my choices
Caused this historic fall

I’m almost positive I’m not crazy
Their must be an explanation
Why your voice won’t let me be
I just want to be free
And I want to be clean
I need to know these last 8 years
Wasn’t just the sound of wind in the trees
And the occasional tweak

I’m diagnosed schizophrenic
Caused by drugs and genetics
which logic would have be believe
If it wasn’t for all the coincidences
The control of my internet
And all my electronic devices
I have seen proof
That something powerful
Must be behind of all this

I’m largely held back by not knowing
Plus the constant torture
God you voice is soo annoying

My Messed up mentality
Tells me the drugs makes you more seen
Or it just makes it easier
To trick a tweaked out mental freak
I do have hope that one day everything will make sense. I just have to go back believing it’s out of my control and try to continue to live my best life. It’s definitely the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I know you are out there, and I know you are reading this. Just remember, I’m watching you(watch me, watch you, watching them, watch me) I want my cut of the royalty’s
Analytical skitzo
Written by
Analytical skitzo  28/M/Sacramento
   Bogdan Dragos
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