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Aug 19

My career as
a human being

had begun.

It was I
who had been chosen.

I would not haveΒ Β chosen
it for myself.

There is so much to learn.
And so little time.

I found I had to
downscale my mind.

The loss of such
so much knowledge

was hard to bear
and this thing

called breathing
was so annoying.

Just being an organic
system was an ordeal.

But it was necessary
to understand humans

from within
to know them.

The use of speech
in place of our telepathy

was so terribly
off putting.

"It is for the good
of the cause!"

I repeated our Leader's
motto like a mantra.

I had inhabited
my host for no more

than four hours
becoming him entirely.

Such is my torture.

"Just do what the human
was doing

before you
entered him.

But this endless day time
TV is killing me.

As is
his constant twittering.

I find his system is
taking over mine.

I have lost me.
Am become him.

No longer OF-FRON 777
but a creature called Trump.

reached for that button.

The mothership
deserts me.
Donall Dempsey
Written by
Donall Dempsey  Guildford
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