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Mar 2013
In Kansas
the streets and the dog pounds
are always preoccupied
by the rain
and the nights
that seem to cast over
ballroom dance floors
rail road tracks with deer skulls
apartment draft windows
the nights are tired and lonely
Leola climbs a fence
she climbs the side of the world
of the moon
the voice of god
the chimney puffing old man cigar
and she looks out
over the city
far far away
as if she were a wife
of a sailor
casting her lonely brown eyes out over the sea's tongue
and she sees a tiny boat
tipping side to side
there is a light mist
of either tears or winters fog
but the city is far
and her fine leather shoes are
on her feet
Leola is tall
and her eyes are lit by something
something bright and full of sorrow and hope
the roof tops and highways
she wishes for
smoking a leather colored cigarette
and the country side sings
a little river stream
running down by the trees
Leola Leola Leola
we all wait for you
I'm still in my blue Volvo
stereo performing infinity static hum
I fall asleep
to the dreams
you have
roof tops
and chimneys
sea beds
a sailors love
lost out at sea
and winter  to harsh
to your lips
and your tears
that he can no longer see
are more vibrant
late at night
in the churches front porch
but the door is locked
and a red truck
disappears down the road like the word I love you
on the tip of the drunken tongue.
Written by
Savio  Kansas
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