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Jun 2019
People talk about time without panic. Time is the cause of every attack. The worst of times and the best of them. The times I regret and the times I can’t hold onto. Time will not wait for me. Time will not slow for me. I am losing every second. I thought of time as a fluid. I could not hold it in my hands. It slipped through my fingers. But time is not containable. I am not the only one it escapes. Time is not a solid. Time is not a gas. Time is not an unidentified state. Time does not fit your labels. Time will not be defined. It is not yours to understand. It was never yours to keep. Time is not linear. Time travel is real. I have done it in my sleep. But time will not let you choose where to go or when to keep. I have no control. Time has made that clear. I am times creation. It reminds me every hour. I am stuck in this timeline. It jumps from year to year. It slows and speeds as it pleases. It is hard not to panic. Im under someone else’s control. It does with me as it pleases. I am nothing without the clock.
Sarah Foster
Written by
Sarah Foster  21/F/New Jersey
(21/F/New Jersey)   
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