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Jun 16
look at them, they're looking at us
they must be thinking that we are in love
the way we sway, the way we touch
it's not a mistake, but you said, "enough."

so, i'm on my own beat, and you are on yours
figuring things, happy but forced
you phoned a ring, i answered, of course
you tell me one thing, i followed your voice

you said "it's time for us to dance again tonight, do you mind?
don't want no other waist between my hands to hold tight.
lock your hips, turn around,
click your feet, back to my sound,
it's time for us to dance again tonight, is that alright?"

i'm trembling, as you took my hand
i looked at him, should give him a chance
but here i am standing with a pain in my feet,
and a beautiful devil in front of me.

i'm thinking about hitting and running
but looking at you, just changes my plans, so i took a breath,
i said "leave me alone"
the clock struck twelve, you said, "please don't go"

the music doesn't fit us anymore
maybe it's time we take a bow right now on the dancefloor
you'll be dancing again, with a different friend and you wouldn't be alone
don't be afraid about learning new steps '*** that is the way love goes.
Written by
thejohnags  19/M/Manila
   BR Dragos
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