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Feb 2013
Look into the mirror Mrs. *******
Cry out your narcotics
Yell at your dealers, It helps you feel alive
Who are you?

Gaping hole in your chest
Won’t ever leave you
Daddy and Mommy?
They left, they aren’t coming back

Heart so tattered and worn
How many people call you a *****
You’re still young though
You’re body doesn’t have much time left

Needle pinpricks razorblades
Your body hates you
Apologize though no one’s listening
Your razor is your only friend

Old friend
The only ones you ever had
I don’t know why you self destruct
Maybe you’ll get your head out of the clouds soon

New friend
Non existent for you
Who will you turn to?
I miss adoration
You’ll be alone for a long time ano?
Found in the drafts of an old e-mail account. Not sure when I wrote it.
Dustin Wills
Written by
Dustin Wills
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