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May 2019
When you're lonely
You feel only
Lonely thoughts.
You don't wanna be stuck indoors disassociating,
I need a boring colleague.
But I've tried worrying before.
More thoughts -
I know you think I'm offshore,
A matador for you and me
Don't like your score?
Offshore offshore
A poem written by a song lyrics generator online, which I've used to explore the idea of the reliance on the internet, and it's self awareness to be able to create it's own art based on learned sentence structures of popular music, based off a trigger with my input of the word "friend".
The end product is a rather postmodern reflection on the world. With the bot's work exploring loneliness and anxious thoughts. Explored with a subtext of wealth, with the repeated use of the word offshore - very much exploring societal issues in the late 2010s
Written by
GL Thompson
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