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May 22
hit hard
from all sides
as tough as you're trained
as equal as a lost wild
play for a better result
carefully strike
stay determined and persistent
and more aggressive
as the game goes by
never taken control
deny every possibility
your deadly rival
and ruthless contender
succeed against the brutal King boxer
before he finds the way out
the defending heavyweight lad
stand up as the last survivor
and the glorious champion
miss not any less chance
keep your eyes wide open
look for a wider space
and a better angle
throw an explosive punch
in the speed of light
worthy of a magic bullet
take him dawn
with your hammer fist
and both stiff hands
get through his temporary weakness
Knockout in a sudden clever box
and make sure he never gets up
to persue the second round.
Biniam Z Demoz
Written by
Biniam Z Demoz  M/Ethiopia
   Darrell Landstrom, Fawn and Perry
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