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Feb 2013
It's as if everything I do is pointless.
Why do I even try to help.
I throw out my heart to you and you just watch it.
I offer my help but you don't want it.
Is it because it's from me? What have I done?
I hate this feeling of rejection.
I see you accepting help from everyone else.
You tell them you love them and thank them as well.
As for me, you just ignore my message.
Pretend its not there, take my heart and destroy it.
Think about what I'm trying to do.
I'm not being selfish, I do this for you.
It's always me that get's ignored.
You invite others in, then when I come you close the door.

Nothing I do is ever good enough.
Nothing is important, you reject my love.
I have given up, I am done with this.
In hope of helping you out, I now feel worthless.
I show you all your worth, I point out your beauty.
Now I feel like a ****, I feel so *****.
So I'm not gonna try, I mean what's the point.
Whatever I offer is not good enough.
It's never good enough and it never will be.

Without my help you will learn to be happy.
Without my help you will see your beauty.
It turns out you never really needed me.
You never needed my help, it just wasn't enough.
And the thing you needed least, was my love.

I will take it back, I will just give up.
I will lock up my heart, it shall never be loved.
Cause no matter how hard I try, I will just never be good enough.
My smiles, my hugs. My encouragement, my love.
I shouldn't even bother, why should I try.
It would be best for all if I died.

I understand now, I got the memo.
You would like it best if I left you alone.
So I will be gone, no more help from me.
I will pack up my stuff and I will leave.
You will never here of me again
I mean how can you when I am dead.
Michelle Nyamekye
Written by
Michelle Nyamekye  Canada
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