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May 2019
The hum begins
I take a breath in
And with the air, in comes the sensation
Electrostatic fills my body
I bear back, as the reaching sounds hit me
The riff begins and the sensations hit
A plethora of lifetimes and universes roll past
I can almost look out and grab the sound with my fingers
The feelings in my stomach begin to bubble
The harmony progresses,
and the tones of a guitar takes hold with the substances
The chorus approaches
A feeling from the pit of my gut hits me
My heart is clicking in sync
My breathing becomes primal
Solely a sensation at this point
As the drive from a hi-hat groove floats me into my wall
Back sinking into the give from my introspection
It’s almost *******
The ****** approaches, the falsetto waves reach an apex
I feel the world surround me and I slip into a daze
The walls have taken me in
I’m not in my room anymore
I’m on the next overtone
And as the conclusion approaches
I come down
My view of what the world held
Is gone
I open my eyes
Record scratched
And I again remember
Russ Olnick
Written by
Russ Olnick  17/M/Indiana
   Bogdan Dragos
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