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May 2019
A rain dance completed I wait
Ever in hope of a summer shower
To sate the dry bare earth
And give life to this husk

Then it happens
Much like the scent of a summer shower
You are on the breeze
Too faint to know for sure
Silence, then the softness of your voice above the stillness.

Suddenly you erupted, a whirlwind
A downpour
I'm enveloped in all of you, disorientated and blissful
The dry plane that was my existence will finally be quenched

But as suddenly as you came
You left
The drops that caressed my skin and seemed to still my heart

But this is not what pains me
What pains me is that the earth is still dry
What aches these still dry bones is the rain dance
After all that there is no difference

The ground is still dry
My thrist unsatisfied
The lingering scent on the wind the only evidence you were here
Written by
Siyasanga Gcilishe
   Bogdan Dragos
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