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Apr 28
Let me tell y’all something
My blackness…
mhm MY blackness
whew chilleee when i tell y’all MY BLACK - NESS
that **** is MAGICAL
y'all heard me?
do yall see my skin?
The color? the undertones? it’s glowing huh?
this melanin i can guarantee you it aint nothing to play with
and definitely not something to slander
this **** is beautiful
I promise you my blackness is no lie
my blackness isn't what these people are portraying it to be
my blackness is not the poverty you see on tvs
it is not the violence they show you on the media
my blackness is not loud
not ghetto
not ratchet
not ill-mannered
and definitely not what
my blackness is forgiving but un forgetful
my blackness is what makes my skin so tough
its the reason I'm not here running around crying about these lil white kids calling me *******, ******, nier
y'all heard that? NI
if I got to hear it y'all going to hear it too
speaks volumes huh
that word holds weight dont it
y'all see my hair
yea it may be in some braids right now but BA- BIEE
my hair is a crown that sits on my head
these naps that you tryna slander are actually alluring, irresistible kinks coils and curls
they defy the force of gravity and reach towards the gods and my ancestors that blessed me with this big beautiful hair and chocolaty skin that you yourself couldn't obtain on your death bed
My mouth the one you tryna call loud is me and the strength of a thousand voices fighting the system that was never broken but built in a way to shatter the souls of what
lets keep it going aight
finish the sentence my blackness is….


did y'all hear that?
our blackness is luxurious, victorious definitely not notorious, uplifting, persisting, y'all know this one forgiving but un forgetting, natural, masterful our **** is far from artificial, untamed, unashamed, worthy of all acclaim, raw, outlawed, in desperate need of equality before the law, we’re fighting we’re tired help us out y'all
give us this equality
y'all walking around not worrying about a **** thing
but you ever grew up in a system that was built to put you and your whole family behind metaphorical bars
your mom never told you to listen to the police regardless of the situation
not because they are of authority but because the people hired to protect our communities are trigger happy cops that want to see us dead
because of my blackness with the way things are I have to raise my son in a manner
Written by
Penny G  18/F/florida
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