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Apr 28
Nights like this
when the sun goes down
the darkness comes
quietness sets in
and I am left with my own thoughts
flashbacks play in my head
I think about all the things that are my fault
I think about the night bone met marble
the night teeth met flesh  
all of the repressed memories seem to surface
like a molding body emerging from the pits of the ocean
only to remind anyone who's paying attention that it is still there  
except nobody knows  
no one is aware of the body except the ocean
the ocean bears the weight of the body all on its own
though the weight it bears seems minimal
compared to its vastness
the ocean appearing strong is quaking
as it struggles to hold the massive weight of the body which is lifeless
the ocean trying its hardest to use its waves to hopefully carry the body away
and bring the body under the mellow waters
the body almost like a sponge is soaking up water and becoming heavier
its soaking up the attributes of the ocean and almost becoming the ocean itself
the body mimicking the actions of a sponge getting larger and larger as it begins to consume more of the ocean
then it becomes heavy
the body has become overconfident
it doubted the strength of the ocean
the body sank all the way back to the pits where it came from
the whole time the body was calmly floating at the surface
no one seemed to notice the struggle the ocean was going through
but the ocean overcame the memories
but I, the ocean, still continue to hold onto the memories, they didn't disappear
they just didn't overcome me
Written by
Penny G  18/F/florida
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