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Mar 2019
You play your games,
let’s see how long I can go cheating on you with my ex,
cheat that’s the name of the game I hate that game cause you know you’ve loosed,
when I’m sitting there in front of you with tears streaking down my face telling you that I know what is going on,
and I barley can speak begging you to stop it because I don’t want to lose you again,
I want to be able to hang out with you and gossip and complain of the life around us,
I want to go back to when we’d right short sappy poems to boost each other because we always knew when the other was struggling silently,
and wanting them to know that we were there for them I knew at this moment while my tears are screaming every good moment in sync with my heart which is beating with pure hope,
but my brain is singing another tune and I know it was right my brain telling me that no matter how good the relationship,
she will always go back to him,
and as much as
in that moment I make myself say my last words to you,
and as I say them I hear every emotion I had been feeling the rage,
the strong longing,
and love,
every syllable as I speak is me putting you,
and the memories in a vault in my brain and locking it,
and what I say is…
Written by
brynnpowers  14/F/maryland
   --- and Fawn
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