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Apr 3
In the reliquary there is the censer, and the book.
In the reliquary in the back, which is the fields and
the little place you know that nobody else does,
there is also a plant with plush green leaves, hung
from sagging twine, going yellow and ancient
in the native light. The word is a rebuke and the
plant is the rebuke of the word,
and the water that kept the plant
springing on the breeze is vanishing
and the plant can only be used when it is rid of it.

Buy them by the carton and smoke them
so when he sticks his fat head out of Heaven
we can catch his beard on fire.
Draw his fat head as if it is magnificent
draw it next to the lamb
and the word search in the children's Sunday amusements.
Remain quiet. Read instead about
the flight of the Jews and their wanderings.
There is smoke in Exodus. There is smoke in Leviticus.
There is smoke in every cell of your body
and if you are burned you will rise.
Remain quiet. The silence is a wall
you can beat against until you recognize yourself in it;
a sanctuary is any four walls that contain peace;
white panels hide the baptismal and
are the only way out of the sanctuary
we recognize our end in the quiet, warm water.
It gets in your ears like water does. When
the saints speak or the doves cluck you can only hear
choking, like a storm drain ******* at leaves. What color
is the water that is not the River Jordan: clear unto the tile.
What color are his eyes that are not
the River Jordan? What color are his eyes when
he looks at you bowing and scraping
in the closet with the believer in a spaghetti strap top
she cannot wear to school? What color?

The hand on the bell is profane so the sound of the bell is profane;
better to hold what is already ruined and ruin it further
says the land that was given
to those who use it
and the stars misconceived
smile at those going North
and are silent in cities.
Wade Redfearn
Written by
Wade Redfearn
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