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Mar 2019
There will come a time that you’ll meet this one person, who would make you feel special and loved.

That no matter how far the distance is, you both, will always find a way to make you feel that your just right next to each other.

But right after you felt that your feelings might have a chance — he will tell you that it’s over, because he still have “her” and he is “still” in love with her.

The funny thing is, I’m still here, stuck on the same spot where he left me —
Waiting. Longing. Hanging by the edge of the cliff, wanting him to save me.

Our story happened so fast but it felt like forever to me.

A whirlwind romance. A love that happened in a blink of an eye, yet over as fast as a spinning bullet.

He have once said, that I somehow “fill- in a gap” —
And I think that I was just “a-girl-who-just-fill-in-a-gap” to him and never will I become a permanent part of his life.

For what it’s worth, he and I felt real to me.

Happy birthday!
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#A(r)myGreen #Colour
Written by
Sheer  F/Philippines
   Fawn and ---
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