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Feb 2019
You made this land and we made the boundaries
I know it all belongs to you but who will make them understand this?
They tear it, they divide, they cast lots and they store it away
"Give my father's belongings to me", I cry out
They laugh, they mock
"He wants me to have it", I beg
They say, "Prove it, show it if you deserve"
"It is my father's, I don't have to do the test, he passed the test for me", I say.
They say," His test was His and you must have yours. Prove it girl or keep to the left".
I wipe my tears and stand the trial, Fire burns,
They hope to see my ashes but Father has His plans.
They grow weary and I am refined.
I have a testimony and all they have is burn
"I won, I won", I screamed. He said you had already won when you wiped your tears!
Pooja Basnett
Written by
Pooja Basnett  F/UK
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