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Feb 2019
I pierced my *****
Maybe so she could have teeth
So she could bite back
Maybe to reclaim my body
Maybe just for bling
I pierced my *****
As a ******* to pain
As a “no you didn’t” conversation piece
As a **** out of here if you can’t handle me
I’m not fragile
May be ******* broken
But I break myself on purpose just to watch me rebuild
I pierced my ***** as a ******* to fear
As a ******* to an ex boyfriend
An ex lover
An ex ******
An uncle
A parent
A precedent
A deity
I pierced my ***** for ******* fun
For fun *******
Maybe I pierced my ***** so I could write this poem about it
I pierced my ***** to make people uncomfortable
Did it work?
Zoe Sue
Written by
Zoe Sue
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