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Mar 2019
Danger danger
This could be fatal
This could be real life
Or one of Aesop's fables
Prayin for sunshine
These kids just wanna make it rain though
I used to be able to take body shots now
I get a flag thrown for a tackled ankle
I'm exploring my options from every angle
Been broken, mangled
To feeling like my life is a movie, Fandango
Could really cash in on cuz
Today I feel like a new me was born
The calm before the storm
A swarm of birds and bees
Flock to the last sunflowers and worms
Block the past out
obnoxious facts bout
Leaving on your own terms
Believing in achieving
as long as the sun burns
Lather up that lotion
Don't leave no stone unturned
In search of purpose
Hurts the surface
But deep down I find comfort lurkin'
Just a couple more layers to peel back
Don't shed a tear
Get the **** up out my hemisphere
You don't want no problems here
Smiling from ear to ear helps me
Stear clear of fear that's drawing near
Unchartered territories
Run farther from careless worries
Become part of this unburied treasure hunt
It's cloudy with a Chance of flurries
Be careful on the off ramps Bridges and overpasses traffic may be delayed in these areas.
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