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Jan 2013
I miss you.
I know it hasn't been long.
But a lifetime has passed
since the last day of summer
since the last time i saw you.
I only gave you a passing glance.
We said hello
shot the ****
you know
like we always do.
and then it passed
I tried to call you later
but hung up before you answered
you called me back
and did the same
why couldn't we talk just one more time?
It feels like so long ago that i felt anything
worth feeling
other than the cravings
the undying wanting
to be somewhere else
to be there with you.
I know it's not the end of the world
you're not my soul mate;
only one of them.
but you've left me feeling so alone.
how can i be a man when the only
i ever knew is gone?
For Dan - more to come
Written by
   Brandi and J Christmas
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