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Jan 2019
Ah now the time has met me
You have been cold for a year or so
I find that you have kept you're self hidden within my heart
Is it the pen or is it me that write's to you now I am not sure.
I am sure you have heard of the departure to Spain
If not for my inheritance I would go but it is my misfortune I am here
I do hope that the jewel found you happy it was to speculation to send it so far away but I was told by a close ally of mine that it would arrive to you safely I hope it has.
Mother is ill this month I am afraid this fever may take her I am sure you will want to return upon hearing this new's but please do not you are much needed where you are and you are a very valuable asset to our cause.
In any case I miss you dearly I find myself taking time to be alone just to think about you and if I continue to miss you my heart may burst with this lonesome fever that has been eating at my soul.
I had a dream the night before last that you were wearing that lovely dress the one with the velvet red and blue waves through it.
You were walking or yet dancing down the stair's and you slowly stopped at the banister. You're cheek's were as fair as they have ever been and my heart began to burst with sheer joy.
Helen I do think very much of you and I wonder if you feel the same I will ask you something when I make my way to you I must implore you let me make the journey for it is long and dangerous I shall be with you soon.
But it bother's me when I wake to moonlight and notice you're Staddle is not in our bed only Mine lays lonesome
I truly and deeply miss you so very much.

Mother send's her love and honor
I will think of you until we meet again
Yours truly: Edwin Kennith Coventry III
To: My Loving Helen

A little poem to lift you're spirits

I had but dream's before thine eye's had met thee softly willow
I answer to thine heart of thee that may I hold thee
And as of me I send my love and all that lay's within
I kiss thine heart and dream to be
With my love once again.

Found this letter it has no date
I am not sure who it was
Not my father's handwriting
But it was a bit poetic maybe you can guess how old it is
Also had poem in the letter kinda cool right
Written by
E  After Life
(After Life)   
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