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Dec 2018
I thought I found a way through the darkness
I thought that inside of the grief I was holding was a boat
In the the middle of the ocean
Setting out like it had never felt the cold, crisp, blue water below it’s body
And the boat would rise its sails like white flags in the night, all alone
Breathing hushed breaths
As to not wake the old beast swimming circles around its heart
But how foolish, how cowardly
To silence your own love
Love that could swallow a ship whole
That’s what I would tell her,
The floating boat
All alone in her ocean
Breath louder, next to the rising and setting sun
Find your space in this giant world
No matter how big your grief feels
You are not a sinking ship,
It is spiritual to get the boat out of the bottle
Breathe louder
Break free
Shayla Ahrns
Written by
Shayla Ahrns  Bellingham
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