Jan 2013

let it slip-
just for a moment-
that silky silver sliver
with the scarlet bite
take the plunge for once,
because you've been longing to fall  
all night.

let it slip-
the sober-golden
golden-boy facade you like
to wear so well,
spill your muddy secrets
for the crimson crowd-
put on the death-shroud.

trace the skin-
like eggshell,
toughened from times before
when the yolk spilt
then split the cells
apart, view the vivacity
still flowing
from your hardened heart.

what it was like to feel,
before the pursuit of perfection
hollowed out your bones
spill your own blood
and take relief
in the quiet,
where no one knows.

Korey Miller
Written by
Korey Miller  MN
   ---, Josh Koepp and Reece
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