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Jan 2013
I'm trying to go hard
******* on my mind
Everybody ready
I'ma take you for a ride.

Blue fields and green skies
Blueberry organge *****
and LSD
gets you higher than you wanna be
but not really.
I need something to do
Somewhere to stew
That isn't my mind
Cause man it feels like a zoo.
I need to write
I need to vibe
I need to keep this **** up before
I go crazy inside.
But if i got a plan
And if I got a purpose
Maybe today will be okay
And I can enjoy the moment.
I know it ain't easy
I know it ain't tough
It's somewhere in between
where you don't have to try for stuff.
Don't put your mind to it
Rather give your mind a rest
You been through way too much stress
Dont get caught up in this mess.
let it flow
let it be
the beatles had it right back in '63.
summer of love
Can be a whole lifetime.
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