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Jan 2013
Left without ceilings
What would you do?
If you had no obligations
No one to rule you
Society, setbacks, one step forward
All a part of life
Another chip on your shoulder
Would you be stuck up in that chair
Workin’ the 9-5,
Six pack three times a night
Too drunk to drive
Wasting your life wondering
What could I have done?
Had I taken a different path
looked out for number one?

You stare blankly ahead at the wall,
Customers surround you
Watching you fall
A clerk is another way to say *****,
Wait on me waiter, don’t let the phone click.
I been around this game for a long time,
Atmosphere taught me some **** about this grind
You always thought there could be something else
But the boys upstairs never liked the way you talked.
You let it get into your head,
You ate the pain off a platinum platter
Dripping with the blood of the sane
Left without an idea of the purpose of it all
You search blindly as the customer’s watch you fall…

Another day another dollar, or at least fifty cents
At least the restaurant gives you one free meal
When you work a double
Left without a choice cause you gotta be on that grind,
Everyday hustlin’ is just another word for killing time.
We reach and we reach and we pull
A hell of a lot closer to the bottom than before,
Breathe in breathe out
That’s the best you can do
Or another eight ball
Hell that’ll do the trick too.
Man this life is just a lucid dream
I know you know it too,
But you’re trying to hold up yourself
With duct tape and glue,
It ain’t the answer but **** it’s a quick solution
To a question you won’t acknowledge unless you’re boozin’.
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