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Nov 2018
your long dark hair the flows to your shoulders like a river,
you put it up and down and all around,
you make my heart feel like i am not in control,
everyone asking if i have a crush and i say no but my heart screaming yes.
a forbidden love quest,
this quest would never be accepted in my family and friends say i need to stop.
but i can't every time i see you my jaw drops a little at the sight of your beauty.
every one always is saying that i'm crazy,
and that you will never love me.
they say i am a fool and you are the queen i am a dancing idiot trying so hard to get you to notice me and you getting annoyed rolling your eyes,
waiting to tell a lie before it is needed don't tell me there is nothing here.
i have enough love for you for a thousand life times is it the same for you?
or will you tell me the same thing they have been saying about you?
i don't understand my emotions i'm going to admit for the first time,
i am more scared for this answer then i am anxious i'm scared you will hurt me.
but maybe you will hurt me by saying yes i do love you but not truly meaning it i am so confused when it comes to you and your beauty.
your beauty it blinds me every time i turn the corner,
and see you standing there talking to your friends-
i stop and stare with a scared stunned face the face of true love and pain of knowing i will never be good enough for you and for this i am sorry my queen.
i can't play you away like most men would,
because they didn't see the queen that they had in their hand given up to be kept by me.
but i refuse to give you up no matter what everyone in this world is saying.
Written by
brynnpowers  14/F/maryland
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