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Nov 2018
I have a picture of a dark-eyed demon
taken while he was in the act of possessing me.
His sooty eyes flash atoms and electrons
spiralling orbits that encircle me
in his spell.
On the curve of his lips there lie
incantations and magic words
that lead me on deep into the dark forest
where witches and warlocks dance naked
around a leaping fire.
He watches me and I can see myself through
his dark eyes as I join in the magic circle.
My own eyes are squeezed tight
afraid of what is all around me.
But I see it all
through his strange sight.
Dark-eyed demon
teeth flash in the sullen night
as he smiles on me.

My demon comes to me in the nighttime
rattling my lonely bed
and I hear his howsl
echo through the empty house,
fearful cries that stir me to placate his demon-ness
with my willing sacrifice.
This one's for you, Da-chon.
Written by
V L Bennett  F
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