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Oct 2018
I could write
A whole ******* book
About how I feel
When you look at me

The want
The love
The utter admiration
It's just like something
Out of a story.

Our story.
Our beautiful little story
Of how we went from strangers
To flirting
To this beautiful relationship I call home.

I never get tired of hearing it.
I never get tired of being in it.
Because you're everything.
You're my laughter on the ******* of days
My comfort when the sky is turned to gray
My warm embrace and shelter from the rest of the world.
All the jokes, and smiles, and cuddles and kisses and beautiful words... all a great reminder that you are my home.

And when things are hard
I know they'll get better.
Because we communicate.
Because you talk to me.
Because above all else you want to be with me just as much as I want to be with you.
Because I love you
And you love me.

Sometimes I feel like this isn't real
Because it's too good to be true.
Sometimes I feel like I'm not enough
Because you're so great.
Sometimes I feel like I'll wake up and you will have been a dream.
A beautiful beautiful dream.

But you're my dream.
And even if I wake up tomorrow
And it was all in my head
At least I'll always know
That maybe you're out there
Waiting for me
As I have been dreaming of you.

Because you're my home.
And you're my boo.
And I don't want to be
With anyone else
But you.
For my boyfriend
Hayden Emily Rose Zhara
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