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Oct 2018
Space and stars and gravity
Land and water and chemistry
Laying in bed, laughing with my friends
Sometimes I wonder about how it all begins
So many memories stored inside
From the time we are born to the time we die
Visions from so long ago
Which do we keep? Which do we let go?
I feel mom's warmth when I smell her perfume
I remember what you said when I enter this room
I feel his kiss when I hear that song
It feels like home when the clock chimes, "ding ****"
The Fall sounds like leaves crunching
The Winter feels like wind rushing
The Spring fills my nostrils with the smell of lilac and tree blossom
Summer looks like heaven and soaks my skin with sun
With each passing season, when will my memory be done?
From my first word to my first friend
I want to remember everything to the very end
All I can do is pray that my memories will still be mine
And they let me keep them locked away in my time capsule; my mind
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