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Oct 2018
The desire for the first time for women,
women,    girls,  'sailors with faces of red snow',
men, for a night of men,  black,   with long hair
with the white,         white blacks she has lifted
the donkeys' eyes that had been killed last year
in a dark place,                        a continuation of the worst death of the plants,
I am now in the world,                 young people
are the great picture of the Great God,
leaving Even though it is not enough to buy,
however,           Jesus lives in the United States
Lighthouse of the United States,            which has the tendency to find blood
and the hair of his head not possible
for old men to say in the middle square;
The Review of our genius is black in the imagination
of American children who have the flexibility
of children of golden                                        golden gold to spread realistic,
three-way traps, to heaven, the Babylonians
of the time's glass-stone cake,           Then buying and haggling over women,
girls shipped to Alaihi, a red face, man to man,
that night, the mother of darkness until the head,
legs black and white 'is delivered to *****
the year killed the black death is a continuation of life,
especially in plants, now worldwide ,        from a great big picture of the left
and we have to purchase the Jesus of the sea,
the couple is living in the States of America in glorious fashion,
and it has an inclination to find ****** hair;
**** can a child be born to say that in the middle
of the street for six review of the blues   |
from the American pole's dark heaven's ||
bright ideas of the young boy with a suitably gold
or gold mined from the elements by children
in three ***** shifts at the time of glass Babylonian Stone,
caked teeth of wild beasts and the doctor's group
of voices is what it is, I stand, lay, placed,
it is in the coming of the Lord, brown,
with the loss of the unseen,                     but with all the utmost of his power,
it is the Secret of the house, it was filled with them
that are born ***, of music,                          of sleep,          leaving us an, um,
and I taught the boy to fall very quickly,
how to beat cake one has put the wild beast
of the Medes to write;                           Voices of What is a team of the Lord,
standing to get the Lay of the brown doctrine
of the years
of the winds of the blind,                                          but with all their powers,
The Secret house filled with *** children,
slipping out of track of music, a lot of fall
I learned a young boy on the way, hit him,
Taught him to love of time of the woman,
of the women,
ships of the girls, lives of the eyes of the red
and *****,
the crowd,           for the man who was night,
of the mother of the black, with long skin
with a warm white foot the blacks'
putting dead *** eyes that have been Republicked ​​
last year ago in a dark place,       the continuation
of a beautiful snooch's death
among the plants,       I have now the world,
for the young people there is a great picture
of The Great Goddess,   leaving the even to sleep,
to buy, however,       Jesus living in the sea
strengthens the United States of America's
fiery torch that sparks the cosmetics of seeing
the blood and the **** of his hair is impossible
for old boys to say that in the middle
of six squared Renewal has been our *** woman
Bluebell out of America's humorous texture
of thinking kids with golden gold lubricant,
a child is spread open to receive true nutrients,
three *****, going to heaven, the Babylonian-style,
style of times of stone-glass, bicycle cake
putting up a wild animal of the Medes to teach
the Voice,              Whose is the peoples of the,
wait;    A Layman took on the doctrine of the brown advent
of the year of the mistress of the winds of the blind,
but it w with all their strength,        The Secret of the house
filled with *** children, leaving his dream of music
a lot of the Fall,   I write sweet enough for a kid in the way,
hit him,                 The love of the time of the women,
of the woman, the husband of the girl's life of the eye,
the red girl is *****, the people went to the man that night,
that the mother of the black, with long bodies
with the hot white the feet of the poet's dead ***;
the face of that R that years ago was a dark place,
the progress of a beautiful snooch is the death of the plants,
I am now of the earth, of young people is a great art,
Great Goddess leaving the skin to the sun,
bringing money, though, Jesus' living seas forming
the United dung fire was a golden dream of poetry stars
to find blood and live like **** in his hair, to be difficult,
*****'s old kids call the middle six squares
the renewal of our brotherhood,                           ******* the female blue sky
out of history,                        the word 'American' is cool thinking baby stuff;
has the gold moon lost a child,                       turned true to the frankincense,
three ***** old men,                                                             walking to heaven,
the Greek Barbie the form of the times
of the stone-glass figures, the glory of a small wild animal
of the Medusa to write; the Voice Who's the man,
standing, Laying hold on the instructions;
a Brown graduate the arrival of the year
of the mistress of the winds of the blind,
but she W. with all their might, The Secret of the house
was filled with *** son,      leaving his dreams of music,
a lot about Fall I write sweet to a kid in pieces,
beat her, To buy a, and the women that are virgins
'Alaihi' wants red waters, the eyes of the people,
who were of the night, the darkness,         the parent of the head and the feet, black and white, black death, of the *****,
and the year of the continuation of life,
especially of a plant is already in the world,
out of the picture to the left, and great in thee
to buy of the sea, even to the Lord Jesus,
who was living in the two United States of Americas is glorious,
and he does not have even the tribes of the living creatures
in the time of the eggs of a single syllable
of what glass the doctor, I lay a stone of Babel,
moved by the dirt in the dark of the mysterious of God,
Secret for the loss of the house was filled
with the power of God unto them,
for they were all of the highest art,               ***, music,
while they sleep,
leaving us an, um, boy taught by me
to fall down quickly        on the beat
Johnny  Noiπ
Written by
Johnny Noiπ  ... ∞oπ ~☉✎♀︎₪ xo∞ ...
(... ∞oπ ~☉✎♀︎₪ xo∞ ...)   
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