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Nov 2018
from a pitch black and deafening silence
came my beating heart
repetitive and loud it was,
a new, foreign, yet amazing feeling

thud. thud. Twice in a row
in sync with another,
the other who I cannot wait to meet,
the other who will hold me like a delicate flower

here i lay deep within a shield of warmth and love
where i sleep soundly with no interruptions,
where i am obscured from the anger
and hatred of the outside world

i can't wait to hear your laugh mommy,
the laugh that i hear every time i kick your tummy,
or the giggle that you make
when daddy makes a funny joke.

i can't wait to sleep next to you mommy,
to be enveloped in your loving arms.
Safe from everything and anything,
To feel safe under your embrace

I can't wait to say good morning mommy,
To devour the delicious breakfast,
You make me eat everyday
The waffles, the pancakes, and hmm, the triple chocolate cake!

I want to see you now mommy,
But not this way,
Why is something poking inside me mommy?
Please make it stop, it hurts!

I don't feel the sync of our heartbeat mommy
I only feel yours,
I feel numb and tired ,
Mommy is it time to rest?

Just know that I love you mommy,
I'm sorry i never became the athlete you wanted
I'm sorry i never gotΒ Β the medal you always wish for,
And i'm sorry i never got to kiss you goodnight.
Written by
theo bea
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