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Sep 2018
she, a noble fell in love with the piano turner's son
whose smile was as radiant as the sun.
and soon she wished that theyll fall in eachs others arms
and lie awake in the midnight sun.

he was the piano turner's son who fell in love with the duke's daughter
whose skin was akin to a porcelain doll and
whose beauty blossomed like a raging beauty of a flower
that never dulls.

they both lie awake in the blood crescent moon
waiting for each others turn
to trace every crevice of each others memories
of the love they hoped to share.

but they neither knew what was to happen
for love was there but fate wasnt aggreable
it thirsted for rage and anguish
filled with no mercy for the young lovers
for fate knew that they were nothing but fools
who wished for each others embrace
but did nothing to make it transpire.
Written by
Daiene  16/Ph
     Fawn, writingsolo and Krizhe Ming
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