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Sep 2018
Fingertips shaking
Heart racing
Giggling comes from the corner of His mind,
is He really fine?

You see, He was never okay because what He did today was not what He did yesterday.
He Thought.
He didn't Think yesterday He was mindless the other day but not today.

He Thought and it tore,
it tore His heart more and more until there was nothing left.
He never thought He could Think anymore.
Not after you.

You were all He Thought about so He swore never to Think again.

But He did today.

He saw your face.

He saw it and it made His heart pace.

Because even though you drained His soul,
He would still save you over the rest of the human race.
This is the second half to HE.
I know it's terribly misleading, but ill leave it up to you to interpret this two part narrative.

© Arabella (09/09/18)
Written by
Arabella  F/London
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