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Dec 2012
There once was a girl with a very big heart.
With her kindness and compassion, from others stood apart.
She wanted to share her happiness with everyone she met.
Her selfishness was surely her greatest asset.
So she began her journey and headed out into the world.
And this how the young girls story starts to unfurl.
She gave a piece of her heart to every stranger in need.
Her love was a flower and her heart was the seed.
She gave a piece of her heart to an old lady dressed in rags.
Her heart was inside of a grocery bag.
She gave a piece of her heart to a baby bird in distress.
When she replaced him to his mothers warm nest.
She gave a piece of her heart to a boy who fell from a tree.
As she placed a band aid upon his scraped knee.
With a look of surprise the little boy said "how do you still have a heart if all you do is give?
With out a heart there is no way you could live!"
She realized what she had done, and began to cry.
Her heart was gone forever, she didn't even get to say goodbye.
She ran to the doctor with tears in her eyes,
"I don't have a heart! Am I going to die?"
With a slight smile the doctor did say,
"My dear that's not your heart that's love that you gave!"
Sarah DeeSarah
Written by
Sarah DeeSarah  Chicago
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