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Nov 2012
I was looking up at the moon, not five minutes ago. I was talking to myself as I normally do; I wondered to myself aloud, β€œthe moon seems so small and far away in such a vast universe of extreme possibility. It just sits there orbiting one planet for all its existence; so boring and meaningless. ” Then, I thought our life as we know it would be so different if we were without it. I had pondered right smack dab into a eureka moment. We are all important; every bit of star dust that we are. We all have purpose. We all matter.  No matter what we are. Moon, planet, air, humans, animals; we all have a destiny, a fate. If I never did the things I do or was involved with the people I was involved with their lives would be different. I would be different. I looked back to the moon, which was shone brightly. It lit up the dull cloudy sky, made the snow twinkle. I, then, thanked the moon. I thanked it because I don’t think anyone has.
Written by
Otter  everywhere
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