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Nov 2012
"They're awake while we're sleeping," we said, we said.
While we were sleeping, we bled, we bled.
We awoke in the next,
according to holy text,
in heaven with Jesus. The wine, the bread.

"They're awake while we're sleeping," we read, we read.
"I didn't expect it," we said, we said.
They slit our throats,
put us in boats,
after taking us out of our beds, our beds.

"They're awake while we're sleeping," they jeered, they jeered.
"We got them so good!" They sneered, they sneered.
"Imagine the cries
of their daughters and wives!"
They laughed so hard, they teared, they teared.

'They're awake while we're sleeping,' They thought, they thought.
The desire for sleep was naught, was naught.
Death was their fear,
what made them tear,
and suicide suited the lot, the lot.

"They're awake while we're sleeping!" They cried, they cried.
Dancing in circles. They lied, they lied.
They lie to their prey
Before they lay
their heads to rest, to rest.

"They're awake while we're sleeping!" He said, he said.
The TV announcer just led, just led,
The people to believe
the children and leave
them alone while their plot to thread, to thread.

"They're awake while we're sleeping," we believed, we believed.
We thought the children were grieved, were grieved.
We didn't give it thought.
We thought we'd rather not.
Because we did not
give it the proper thought
Our death we let them perceive. Perceive.
Stanley Zakyich
Written by
Stanley Zakyich  America
   Logan M Glover
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