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Aug 2018
What I wouldn’t give to reach you now, held aloft in the arms of a million sunrises,
Lovers draped across your shoulders like furs from a hunt, what they must’ve seen in you, the cartography of your skin, how it stretched on forever full of the promises of serenity, like all the rest stops on the highway to Providence, like safe passage through the storm,

And do you know what I mean when I say I always seek forgiveness when the harvest is at its most scarce?
I mean that the sun has taken all from us except our names,
I will plant mine like an apology into the mouth of any who will listen and I will hold on,
To what I got,
Long as the light holds and I’ve still got,
Room to breathe, and vengeance to take,

And I know I’ve got this,
Angry heart,
And one day the chains will drag me back,
Into silence,

But I ain’t going quietly now,
I heard the songs coming down from the mountain, rolling like thunder in the immortal night,
And I let all that electricity just build,
And build,
Until I can reach out,
And pluck the lightning from your throat,
Wrap it up in my fingers,
And let it drip like wine onto the page, yeah, ain’t nothing like being born again,
Held still in rapture until the Lord turns the key,

And all you were,
All you are,
All you could be,
Floods the earth in fire and,
You face all the battles of this world with perfect clarity,

And, if I could ask you for anything,
It would be to deliver me a shotgun, not
Into my anxious and craving mouth,
But into my two good hands,
And a horizon, upon which,
I could gouge out a place to exist, and the
freedom to die on my own terms
Tyler King
Written by
Tyler King  Ohio
   Richie Vincent
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