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Mar 2010
The darkness is so bright.
It's blinding my eyes,
I can't see the light.
It's slowly slipping away.

The sky is turning gray.
And your eyes are fading to blue.
The sun is setting in the day.
And rising in the evening.

The leaves are subsiding toward the sky;
The rain slowly falling upwards.
The ground is floating up way too high.
The world is spinning fast.

Will it stop? Will you ever stop?
My eyes are closing, why aren't yours opening?
I'm quickly climbing to the top.
The clock is ticking, the night is coming.

Slowly the night is coming.
Like the fog, swallowing me completely.
The pleasant idea of night is in my mind.
It's bringing me down, only if it could bring you down with me.

Tangled, the night, tangled thoughts in my mind.
If only I could find the way through the maze.
Amazed, a maze, the solution behind me.
The idea of light is slipping away.

Slipping away into the night.
Written by
Shelby Easley
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