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Nov 2012
I feel you slipping away my love
when the night is cold and still.
When the years rush in and  stand  quietly by my bedroom door,
quiet and mute with sorrowful eyes with shoulders drooped in resignation.

I feel you slipping away my love as I sit here.
As the reality glimmers through and shines upon this page,
the silent rage  now unspoken for want of reason or assignment.
Broken and wasted like a crystal vase with roses strewn across the floor.

I feel you slipping away my love as I grasp feebly at the strings of the beautiful bouquet
that  rises just beyond comprehension and wafts gently on the summer night
to lite tattered and unwilling in far places unseen by our desires.

Embers  softly glowing and now knowing the end has now begun.
Years upon years of clawing at our fears that this was not to be.
A blazing fire dowsed with strife and ire ,no air to stoke the flame.
No time to play the game.  All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl.

I cry quietly in the glow of poor reason. I feel you slipping away my love.
I feel us slipping away now and forever. The shell does just as well to crumble.

A castaway sits on the sandy shore knowing full well that rescue will find
his molding husk frozen in time and empty  in the continuum. His  bones bleached past.
The grinning mask of irony and  frozen regret.

My love our reach exceeded  our grasp but youthful willfulness and hope was the rope.
The rope that we clung to and weathered  the battering breezes as we closed our eyes
to reason after all love will find a way ?.Even love was not enough, but we knew deep down.

I feel you slipping now with eyes wide open.
We watch  as the chasm widens and shrug our shoulders.
Calloused hands tired of trying now. Weary eyes dry from crying now.
willfully stuck and  denying now. I feel you pull away.

I will wonder the desert parched with regret of this I have no doubt.
But deep down I knew this. Hoping against hope. still.
There will be no other to take your place. Who could?.

We gave hope it's chance.
Once we did dance.
Life became duty.
We fought off the wolves.
We turned. We forgot.
We grew apart while joined at the hip.
How funny.
How sad.
Duty bound as love unwound.
No us time.

I feel you slipping, slipping.
Geno Cattouse
Written by
Geno Cattouse  california
   Terry Richardson
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