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Jun 2018
You promised me milk and honey
And vowed to witness with me sunrises and sunsets,
But you left me before the promise beared fruition.
An act that proved how cunning you're.

You made me believe in love that never existed
And gave me a false hope on a future that was not meant to be.
But why did you decide to leave me?
After all the sacrifices I did for our love.

You made me believe in the existence of heartbreaks
And forced me to accept that all men are liars.
But why did you choose to use me as your student?
A student to teach all those sad love lessons.

You said true love can never die
And you postulated that our love was real.
But why did you end our love if it was real?
Giving me a heartbreak on a full moon.
The poem is about a victim of a heartbteak. The persona was promised a lot but was left hurt.
Tinashe Anderson Maburu
Written by
Tinashe Anderson Maburu  22/M/Harare, Zimbabwe.
(22/M/Harare, Zimbabwe.)   
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