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May 2018

Please, not another emotional teenager who can't control their own emotions.
Please, not another one...
Silver pressed to their temple...
Blood racing,
Thoughts unclear.

There goes another one.

Here comes another one.
But, she seems different...
Her short black hair,
Slightly hiding her left eye.
She slowly picks up the gun to check if it's loaded...
Then for a second,
You see her pain,
You see all the physical and mental pain she endured.
You see the days she would come home crying and bruised.
She thought she was "okay"...
She never told anyone,
She never told a soul.
She thought she was "okay".
Her smile fades as she raises the gun to her right temple.
"Just do yourself a favor, and **** yourself."

There goes another one...
Written by
Anne Augustine  14/F/In the clouds...
(14/F/In the clouds...)   
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