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Apr 2018
Waves over and over' does not make a sound does not care'
In a box called comfort zone, there you see waves of different
shapes, colors, sometimes he does not wave.
She is not waving back, why so serious, why must the waves have something to say when
no one is there to listen.
Did you understand the lesson in life? If not you will be stuck in the waves over and over'
Waves are sent as signs not just to admire but to realize there is some one out there who is listening, watching what type of waves are out there.
Like sardines in a can, the waves of scent are so inviting. waves over and over.
Shall we or shall we not? why not? just a wave that passes by like many others. did you forget to wave back?
Waves over and over, will catch up to your front step.
Waves overflowing in the open, where all can reach out and grab the waves.
Waves over and over are meant for only the true one who will wave back with wild love and heart full of joy. Still here, with the waves'
Waves over and over 'but never waved back.
Waves over and over 'but never waved back.
Margarita Garza
Written by
Margarita Garza
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