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Oct 2012
When you met him he was charming
and had a shimmer of silver to his
smile.  He knew what to say before
your brain could construct the words.
And this young man didn't believe
for a concrete second that chivalry
is dead.  He was suddenly everything.

But it started to change, as everything
inevitably does.  He told you first how to
pursue a career.  And then your closest
friends weren't good enough anymore.
You made a ****** ritual sacrifice here
or there.  Old connections had to go, keep
the monster contained.

He sunk his tendrils deep into the non-photo
blue sediment of your mind.  And the man
you called your own was tweaking the serene
oceans of your psyche subtly and oh so surely.
You inadvertently let him shift your beating
heart into a writhing chaos engine for love,
whatever love means anymore.

And he push, push, pushed you ******
into deep sinkholes you've never dared
even tread near before.  You are falling
forward and back through the singularity of
space and time, feebly holding your hands in
front of your face, trying to protect yourself
from a 20,000 foot fall.

Stopping your descent isn't a valid option.  
Halt a moving body so suddenly it will snap
its neck. you are quickly approaching terminal
velocity.  Anyone who could of caught what
is left of you was gone long, long, long ago.
There is no coming back from such impact.
It's mathematical.
Kurtis Emken
Written by
Kurtis Emken  Peoria, Ill
(Peoria, Ill)   
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