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Apr 2018
Always find a way to pick pieces of glass from rock
Softened by the waves
Thought theyd make it harder
But the edges in search seem smoother than my own
Won a green beach glass laugh
To match the hints in your eyes
I couldnt make them stay on me
Hard to see own needs
When wide asleep in your dreams
So it seems
Need comes with a warranty
I never read the fine print
Drawn to a captive glint
Of being belittled by your
Passion aggression
Never learned my lesson
Weary words adorned in blessings
Prayers of tomorrow will be different
Change in an inference
As if
I could lull a dull duo
From festering
Within a soul ******* sorrow of desire
For you or something like
I met a boy with your same birthday
May be my lucky day
You could say im not through
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Zoe Sue
Written by
Zoe Sue
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