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May 2018
it is simply astonishing
how quickly i go from
feeling like fairytale magic with
to feeling like the world's
biggest disgrace

the magic fades
and we are left with these
harsh words in this
harsh world

the pixie dust is simply dust
the costumes have lost their meaning
the acting is only words and movement
and the joy becomes a distant
unreachable place
one i feel i am no longer permitted
to travel to

the world has closed it's gates
heaven doesn't want me
hell doesn't need me
so im stuck in the inbetween

with the ghosts and spirits and demons and im
all theirs
nobody to save me or protect me
i watch, invisible, a blowing in the wind
and i reveal to myself how little my
presence is
wanted or needed

how little i
am wanted
or needed
don't remember writing this but I don't hate it so here ya go
Written by
Noah  17/M/NYC
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