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Sep 2012
Those days when it hits you so hard.

You stagger, and try to recover.

But no, it remains like a brick wall.

Pushing against reality, but it takes all

Your might, your soul, your power.

You try and try, and scream a little louder.

But no one can hear you as gravity presses down.




Farther and farther into the ground.

Because all of those little facts that were,

are no more.

Because people have changed around.

But the worst part is, admitting that, through it all,

You've changed too. That you are no longer a child.

That your life flashed past you, and the entire time,

You were afraid to take a chance.

You put it off until later.

But now the time has come.

It has come and it's knocking down your door.

Making you face the harsh world by force.

So now, the little amount of innocence that you have left,

That little voice inside your head that screams,

"No! I'm not going. You can't make me!"

is silenced forever.

The world will never seem the same again.

But the worst part is, that I don't want it to be.
Makana Queja
Written by
Makana Queja  Alaska
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