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Feb 2018
Some Say Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets Its Wings

Some Say Every Shooting Star Is An Angel Falling

But What If They're Wrong

What If Angels Look Like Us

Talk To Us

Walk Like US

Laugh And Cry Like Us

What If There Is No God

And Lucifer Has Gone Crazy

And Is Locked Up In A Cage

And Demons Are In Us Roaming Around

Waiting To Be Awakened

Waiting To Be Set Free

If You Think About It

No One Is Innocent

No One Can Do "Justice"

We All Do Wrong At One Point In Our Lives

Maybe These Angels Are Getting Locked Out Of Our So-Called Heaven

What If We Are Nothing But Worm Food When we Die

We Could Be Living Our Lives Just To Die

And Then Nothing Happens After

We Could Probably Be Swimming In A Dark Void For All Eternity

Or Just Reliving Our Lives Over And Over

Because The Saying "Your Life Flashes By Your Eyes'

Seven Seconds Is All It Takes
Written by
GoldenGrimm  14/F/Illinois
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