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Jan 2018
You don’t understand me
But that’s okay
no one does
You don’t know me
but that’s okay
no one knows what’s deep inside
If you took a peek into my mind
you’d feel like you were branded
like a cow
being lead to the slaughter
and I’d never wish that on anyone
so when you try and tell me
the horrible stories
you think you know
I don’t care
because you’ll never know
what this is like
what it’s like to be tainted
what it’s like to be me
what it’s like to live this experience
over and over
but do you know what?
That’s okay
I don’t want you to
I’d never wish it
on my worst enemy
my worst enemy
is me
Written by
Lynx  22/Far Away from Reality
(22/Far Away from Reality)   
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