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Jan 2018
It was a hard day..and she was a thinker, her mind a rambler.. cruelty in its words and lust in the wander..
How flawlessly it took over her soul and presence, and put her into deep sleep, so it could wander the space..
She dreamt of this horrendous excursion her mind took her on, and they landed in the emptiness, she knew she was trapped.
Hitting her hands and running her feet, but it was all emptiness, no escape, no pace..

The mind snickered as if it had conquered..
And spread it’s hands, all 8 of them like a locknes monster, dripping blood and sludge from all the cuts that it had made to escape her flesh.. clean, the mind was careful about the scars that might not rest..

Now when it’s free, it is holding her hand..he’s a wanderer, a vagabond you see.. and she is the comfort, an amenity..
There is the first black hole, and the time holds still..the mind is a malignancy now, spreading and engulfing the emptiness, oozing it’s own thoughts and creating a biome for itself..calling it home. It had its own pace, because in this black hole, the time had stopped and emptiness had a lot of space..

Tic after tic, the watch on her hand, ran through the hours, eras and ages.. and the mind kept creating mountains and beaches..
The mind as unfathomable, provider of the new Home, that she got as a present for her slavery..she was now a pooch without the leash and the new Tower of Pisa, or the Eiffel or even the new Taj Mahal were her niche..

She knew all she was only scared..of the gigantic powers of her own mind, and the spread of the effects of her own strength and might..
Of what she had become, of the love she had fallen into, with the time and place..with the creation of her own mind’s pace..
And the awareness that she will never be the same..of the change when her mind saw the emptiness, and created a world for her, with all the love and care she ever deserved.. like Frost once uttered, the mind took the road, less travelled by, and it made all the difference...

Now it’s the end of the path, and a lot of blood and sweat, the conquerer is on its knees, with a smile on its ruthless face.. the smile that defeated fate and swords of the demons around.. it said it would make all the difference.. and it did, the princess broke free and lived happily ever after for ages and ages hence..
Malvika N Hasrajani
Written by
Malvika N Hasrajani  24/F/India
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