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Aug 2012
that's what I hear all night
Zooming over the waters edge
Thud thud thud
My heart pounding with excitement of the treasure I see in
The distance
Thud thud thud
When we stop and climb abored
All the feet's racing here and there looking for the crates
Thud thud thud
We take of on the vast bumpy ocean
The wind in my hair
Thud thud thud
My jorney is yet over tonight in till tomorrow's adventure
Thud thud thud
Of the machine gun bolts flying by
Thud thud thud
Of my partners hitting the ground
Thud thud thud
Of my heart a racing
Thud thud thud
I hit the ground
Thud thud thud
Is all I hear in my head
I think of what a fun time ive had on the bouncy water
I lay still listing to the last thuds of my heart beating
Thud thud thud
Thud thud
Written by
Alyssa Beddoe
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